A little story

About Us.

We have a vision of veering away with traditional learning practices and use virtual-reality as a tool that allows you to explore and experience scenarios that will enrich your mental health behaviors. We aim to become a nationwide educational program and become part of the judiciary system to help cut cost for our government. 
We assist in developing empathy and perseverance by viewing true life scenarios through the process of virtual reality learning. The virtual experience that we provide will grow to be the leading brand in the virtual reality industry. We aim to lower the rate of substance abuse deaths by increasing social awareness and assist in developing better decision-making skills. We allow individuals to participate in true story scenarios through VR.
We aim to foster deeper learning on how different experiences impact the lives of many. We have a unique technology that allows participants to experience several perspectives within the same scenario. The virtual experience will enhance your critical thinking skills for future life-changing decisions and create an understanding that your perception is not the only reality. Call us today!

Our team

Sirpatrick Iwu

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Gonzalez

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Daniels

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Daniels

Vice President of Marketing

Nathaniel Collins

Public Relations