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Hybrid Community Outreach 


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MzCongo Foundation was created by Laetitia Kibonge to fight against child prostitution and to help neglected children in the DRC. 15% of the Congo’s population doesn’t not live to see the age of 5 years old. This charity fights against child prostitution to help give a better opportunity to children that lost their ways because of various reasons.  And gives neglected children such as orphans with no homes an opportunity for a better life. The Mzcongo Foundation is here to bring education, raise awareness, bring treatment to the women and children of Congo. Our goal is to help the women and children of Congo with the necessities they need to survive. We want to give a second chance to those who feel that there is no other way.

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We want to elevate the confidence of the insecure and give them hope again. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the worst countries in which to be a child. Increasing numbers of families and children are being displaced due to conflict and poverty. Many of these children find themselves becoming victims of child trafficking and violence. With the poverty rates being so high, there is little access to healthcare or education, and increasing violence.  The MzCongo Foundation supports and collaborates with different organizations in the DRC to bring change for a better future of the children and women of the Congo. We are in deep need of your donations and sponsorship to better operate this organization.

Your donations will help us organize more non-profit events and better support our charity The MzCongo Foundation. Contact us to learn more on how your donations will be used and how you can help. We appreciate your generosity! We will be very thankful for any assistance you may provide, these funds will go a long way. It will give the children a place to call home. It will pay for their school fees and daily meals and it will pay their “house moms”. Children are our future and helping these kids out means building a better future for our nation.